Placenta Encapsulation


Pictured is a placenta tincture, placenta capsules, umbilical cord keepsake, and placenta print.

Metta Birth Services is excited to now offer placenta encapsulation! I have been certified by the Red Cross and the Health Department in Blood Borne Pathogens and Food Safety and Sanitation and maintain the utmost levels of care and cleanliness in preparing your placenta for tincture or encapsulation. Below are my basic services, but accommodations can be made on an individual basis. Contact me for more details.

What is placenta encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process by which a placenta (the afterbirth) is dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. This powder is put into capsules, much like a vitamin, and is then ingested by the mother. Ingesting the placenta (placentophagy) reintroduces important nutrients and hormones that are lost during birth and the post-partum period. For more information about placentophagy and placenta encapsulation, please see the links below.


Placenta Encapsulation ($200) includes: Prepared placenta capsules, placenta print on card stock,  and an umbilical cord keepsake.

Placenta Tincture ($25) may be added on to an encapsulation and includes a 2 oz. bottle of placenta tincture.

Additional Placentas ($25) for each additional placenta per birth.

Client Home preparation ($50) for clients who wish to have the encapsulation process done in their own home. Some limitations may apply, please contact me for details.

Discount ($25) for clients from Metta Birth Services classes.



Please complete BOTH forms in order to set up services. Click on the links to open and complete the forms. After I receive your information, I will contact you via email with payment options and instructions.

Terms & Conditions Form

Order Form




Below are some photos of the process. *WARNING* They may be considered graphic. 





Here a fresh placenta is on the glass cutting board about to be prepared for dehydration. Before dehydration, the umbilical cord and membranes will be removed and the excess blood will be cleaned off.


This placenta has been prepped and is on the glass cutting board, ready to be cut into thin slices and placed in the dehydrator.


After being dehydrated, the placenta is ground into a fine powder.


The powder is then put into vegan capsules and packaged in a sterilized jar. They are now ready to be consumed!

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2 thoughts on “Placenta Encapsulation

  1. I am interested in having my placenta encapsulated and a tincture. I had paid through Sierra Encapsulation but she’s now out of business and refunded me. I am due December 16, 2015. Please let me know if you’re available for that time. You came highly recommended by Kiersten Dyer! I look forward to hearing from you.

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